Content Guide

Knell is a comic I wasn’t sure how to rate. It’s not a horror story but it’s absolutely a dark one… except when it’s not. The best I could decide on for now is “mainly for adults or at least mature teens”.

So basically this comic is 16+ only unless I decide later on that ‘adults only’ or even a lighter rating is more suitable. There will be violent and disturbing content so please be mindful when reading.

But if you need more specifics on what’s to come –

  • Violence & gore (potentially graphic)
  • Swearing (it won’t be excessive but I don’t hold back on words either)
  • Death, corpses, undead monsters
  • Child abuse (as in physical abuse, verbal abuse, and neglect)
  • Spiders, rats, and other vermin
  • Horror imagery
  • Smoking & alcohol