UPDATE 1/25/23: Hello everyone, I lost my Dad recently and so I’m going through a very, very rough time. I’m afraid I just can’t do any updating right now.




After a long, kinda painful break (because I spent a chunk of it with COVID), we’re finally back. Thanks for bearing with me, everyone. Knell updates next Thursday, then Devil’s Trill again the Thursday after that.

The couple Patsy and the Snow White-ish lady are talking about are Neil Cunningham, who you all probably know was the big mouth slanderer at the Pierce party, and Claire, who was the lady in green who was next to him who said that Miriam deserved the gallows. They are now engaged or at least in the Victorian process of becoming engaged. Perfect couple. :\

Patreon is ahead in pages for both The Devil’s Trill and Knell!
You can see the early pages for $1, WIP shots for $2, and HD pages for $5.

The Devil’s Trill is being slowly reformatted and uploaded to Webtoon and Tapas! So if you prefer to do your reading there, you now have the option.