He wasn’t planning to propose, calm down. XP

A little notice for patrons: Patreon recently added a Collections feature at last, so I tried to put a lot of my work into tidy sections there. It includes stuff that may have been buried and hard to find even with tags like the old written Daniel side stories, Vermillion Tales (like the incomplete Succubus comic), etc.

The Collections section is right at the top of my Patreon page, or you can go straight to it HERE!

Other recent announcements:

A start of a CHARACTER PAGE was finally added to The Devil’s Trill site! You can find it RIGHT HERE! Only features our two mains right now, and I might have to either make the text bigger or their bios shorter so it looks better on mobile, but well, it’s a work in progress. XD You’ll be able to find it under the ABOUT section of the top menu from here on out.

Patreon recently let me try out a Digital Shop feature. It only has a couple of older, short comics of mine there right now, which are already accessible to patrons (depending on the tier), but it’s kind of nice to have an area for just buying stuff by me – you don’t have to be a patron to buy. Especially since I decided to drop Gumroad a while back. HERE IT IS!


Patreon is ahead in pages for both The Devil’s Trill and Knell!
You can see the early pages for $1, WIP shots for $2, and HD pages for $5.

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