Knell’s not really up for all that activity.

It’ll be covered in the comic itself later, but Devere was about to render Knell unconscious or nearly so with a spell that would’ve drained her energy. He decided it was too dangerous and she needs all of her remaining strength to fight her illness. So yeah, Devere’s powers really aren’t something he can play around with.

And yeah, spoken word spells will happen sometimes. They can also just mentally think the words, but it all depends on how easy/natural the spell is for the caster, and how complex it is. For example, controlling the dead is actually a natural ability for Devere, so he didn’t need to say anything to move those skeletons earlier. – Any of this shit can change at any time though to be honest, I’m totally winging the lore as I go. I HAD to just jump in and develop everything bit by bit to see what works or I would’ve never started this comic due to indecisiveness. XD Writing fantasy just does that to me for some reason.

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