(Copy/paste from The Devil’s Trill site ’cause it still applies ->) Heyyy! Been a while, hm? Even though I posted an edit on the last page linking to some news (via Patreon), I should’ve posted a temporary not-comic page and put in a proper announcement here, so sorry to those who had no idea what was up.

Anyway, what happened was my wrist/thumb of my drawing hand got bad enough that I was forced to take an extended break. What’s new, right?! It’s doing better, but not without issues (the lower part of my thumb still tends to “lock”, so I have to force it back into place which causes a snapping/popping sensation, which while not agonizing, is very unpleasant).

So because it still isn’t as great as I’d like, I can’t promise there still won’t be more breaks even as I try to ease back into comic work. So please be patient with me! ;_; I’d love to just work through it all but if I do it means damaging it irreparably and never drawing again. So better fewer updates than none at all.

About the page:
Devere never noticed the man on the bridge.
Also he did a perfect Old Man Sit. 10/10.

Devere’s last name used to be Berrick but I changed it to Stroud, but I decided to give the Berrick surname to Knell because I still kinda like it. XP


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