Heyyy! Been a while, hm? Even though I posted an edit on the last page linking to some news (via Patreon), I should’ve posted a temporary not-comic page and put in a proper announcement here, so sorry to those who had no idea what was up. Also this Wednesday update was just for the comeback, going back to Thursday updates later.

Anyway, what happened was my wrist/thumb of my drawing hand got bad enough that I was forced to take an extended break. What’s new, right?! It’s doing better, but not without issues (the lower part of my thumb still tends to “lock”, so I have to force it back into place which causes a snapping/popping sensation, which while not agonizing, is very unpleasant).

So because it still isn’t as great as I’d like, I can’t promise there still won’t be more breaks even as I try to ease back into comic work. So please be patient with me! ;_; I’d love to just work through it all but if I do it means damaging it irreparably and never drawing again. So better fewer updates than none at all.

Now about the page: Yeah, it took 1000 years but they’re finally at the manor. XP *sigh* I did my best on it. There are also more gardens that we’re not seeing in the back area.


Patreon is ahead in pages for both The Devil’s Trill and Knell!
You can see the early pages for $1, WIP shots for $2, and HD pages for $5.

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