EDIT 3/21/24: Should’ve uploaded this notice sooner, my bad!
Basically, I’ve been dealing with wrist issues that became too severe to ignore, so I needed to rest my hand for a time. For more in-depth details, PLEASE READ THIS PATREON POST (don’t worry it’s free for everyone to view). Sorry for the delays but it might be a bit longer yet. Not sure though.

Not the most engrossing page but it was needed to avoid an awkward jump between scenes. XP

I was forced to take a two week break due to wrist pains that I couldn’t ignore anymore without risking serious damage. Back to drawing now, but honestly I can’t promise there won’t be more update hiccups for a while if my wrist doesn’t chill out soon.


Patreon is ahead in pages for both The Devil’s Trill and Knell!
You can see the early pages for $1, WIP shots for $2, and HD pages for $5.

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