Hello there! I’m SarahN, who made and completed the ’30s-set vampire horror comic DANIEL, and now this is my second go at horror set in a past era (the Victorian era to be precise), The Devil’s Trill. I’m aiming for this one to be a considerably shorter length but it’s still going to take years again I’m sure, lord help me. 🙄 This prologue is set a few earlier than the main story.

Updates will be weekly, and though this one is being seen on a Monday, I’m considering Tuesday updates, and because I still have permanent arm & hand injuries from my years of comic work, I’ll still be taking at least one week off a month. Frankly I’m also considering to try and make more random art pieces some weeks instead of comic pages in the future to keep my sanity since I’ve been doing just comics nonstop for so long. XP (You’ll find such future pieces usually at my Deviantart or social media pages, which are found in the icons just above and to the right of this blog area, or in the “Links” section. I may or may not make a Gallery section later.) So yeah, just a heads-up that I may update this comic religiously some months and haphazardly others, but whatever I choose to work on at times, I still hope it’s enjoyed by all!

I have a small buffer and will use it during really dead times but I’m also going to try my darndest to save it too. XD Which by the way, patrons are ahead in updates seeing those buffer pages. The buffer may not always remain WAY ahead, but Patreon will always get updates ahead of this main site. FYI I still need to update the Patreon’s main page info, but the tiers’ info are up to date!

Anyway, enough rambling. Hope you all get a kick out of what’s to come in this comic!